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Fun and Interesting Facts about Georgia’s History

Facts about Georgia


Georgia, named after King George, was among the 7 Confederate states. It joined the Union much later on 15th July 1870. From policies to “historic firsts,” Georgia has many fun and interesting historical facts. Below are some of the awe-inspiring hidden aspects of this state;

Fun and Interesting Facts about Georgia’s History

1. Georgia’s founder abhorred prisons

Georgia’s founder, named James Oglethorpe, was a passionate prison reformer. His plan was to make the new colony (America) be a place for prisoners who were unable to pay their debts. Being a social reformer, James believed many debtors were allowed back into the city without adequate support. So he purposed to give the industrious yet unfortunate underprivileged person another chance in the newly colonized place. It is, therefore, ironic that a state that was initially created to give offenders a second opportunity is currently among those with the largest number of prisoners.

Facts about Georgia

2. Peachtree places

Atlanta in Georgia has named very many placed Peachtree even though none has a single tree with beauties around. Additionally, there are more than 55 streets bearing the name. Oddly, Georgia is the country’s largest producer of Vidalia onions, peanuts, and pecans. Word has it that the places were initially named after a Native American Village that was called Standing pitch Tree, but over the years the pronunciation was corrupted resulting in the current Peachtree.

3. Ghostly Savannah

If you get shivers down your spine when spending a night in Savannah in Georgia, here is the reasons. The American Institute of Parapsychology conducted research that concluded the city to be the most haunted in America. Why? The city has been rooted in plagues, voodoo practices, fires as well as wars the longest time in history. Savannah was literally constructed on its dead.

4. An 8-foot radius tree

In Athens in Georgia, there exists a tree that besides owning itself owns a circular land that measures 8 feet in radius. One Professor called William Jackson is the person who deeded the tree as well as the land on which it occupies in the early 19 century. The original tree broke down in 1940 but was replaced with another one that sprouted from the first acorn.

5. Augusta National Golf

This Golf Club holds the Masters Tournament every year. The tournament was initially called Augusta National Invitational, and was started after the club’s request to host the US Open was turned down. The first tournament that was held in the year 1934 attributes its success to one co-founder going by the name Bobby Jones, who decided to end his 4-year break to play.

The initial plan of Georgia colonialists was to produce silk as the staple crop as opposed to peaches and peanuts. The reason behind the strategy is Mulberry tree, which is a preferred staple for silkworm, was in plenty in the region. The plan totally collapsed paving the way to the production of rice, lumber, indigo, and fur as the colony’s primary exports.


In addition to the above fun and interesting facts about the history of Georgia, when James founded Georgia, both slavery and alcohol were banned. Additionally, John Pemberton who was a Confederate Colonel, in 1886, formulated coca cola at a drugstore in Georgia.


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